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Spider & Insect Homes


SCIENCE: Living things have basic needs, including food and water (BIOLOGICAL Prep ACSSU002) | Living things live in different places where their needs are met (BIOLOGICAL Year 1 ACSSU211) > EARLY YEARS: Environments


  • Ant: Nest
  • Beetle: Wood-Boring with Larva
  • Mantid: Praying, Juveniles & Egg Case
  • Moth: Case, Case
  • Moth: Cocoon with Cup Moth Pupal Case and Butterfly Chrysalis
  • Nest: Ant, Tree, Green
  • Spider: Jumping, Temporary Shelter with Egg Sac
  • Spider: Leaf-curling, Nest
  • Termite: Nest
  • Wasp: Mud-dauber, Nest
  • Wasp: Paper, Nest
  • Wasp: Paper, Nest (part)
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