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Fossils, Minerals & Rocks


SCIENCE: Earth’s surface changes over time as a result of natural processes and human activity (EARTH & SPACE Year 4 ACSSU075) – QM Loans Learner Investigation + Teacher Notes | Sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks contain minerals and form by processes that occur with Earth over a variety of timescales (ACSSU153) – Adapt team investigations to gauge prior knowledge and as revision to scaffold higher learning


  • Concretion Conundrum: c1 Rock, Sedimentary, Concretion + box
  • Fossil Features: f1 Fossil, Belemnite, Cretaceous
  • Fossil Features: f2 Fossil, Brachiopod, Permian
  • Fossil Features: f3 Fossil, Crab, Pleistocene
  • Fossil Features: f4 Fossil, Trilobite, Cambrian, Qld, Beetle Creek
  • Fossil Features: f5 Fossil, Plant, Fern, Triassic
  • Fossil Features: f6 Fossil, Plant, Wood
  • Igneous Key: i1 Rock, Igneous, Extrusive, Andesite
  • Igneous Key: i2 Rock, Igneous, Extrusive, Basalt
  • Igneous Key: i3 Rock, Igneous, Extrusive, Rhyolite
  • Igneous Key: i4 Rock, Igneous, Extrusive, Tuff
  • Igneous Key: i5 Rock, Igneous, Intrusive, Gabbro
  • Igneous Key: i6 Rock, Igneous, Intrusive, Granite
  • Metamorphic Maze: m1 Rock, Metamorphic, Slate
  • Metamorphic Maze: m2 Rock, Metamorphic, Phyllite
  • Metamorphic Maze: m3 Rock, Metamorphic, Schist
  • Metamorphic Maze: m4 Rock, Metamorphic, Gneiss
  • Mineral Matrix: m01 Mineral, Azurite
  • Mineral Matrix: m02 Mineral, Beryl
  • Mineral Matrix: m03 Mineral, Calcite
  • Mineral Matrix: m04 Mineral, Fluorite
  • Mineral Matrix: m05 Mineral, Gypsum
  • Mineral Matrix: m06 Mineral, Opal
  • Mineral Matrix: m07 Mineral, Pyrite
  • Mineral Matrix: m08 Mineral, Quartz
  • Mineral Matrix: m09 Mineral, Quartz, Chalcedony, Agate
  • Mineral Matrix: m10 Mineral, Quartz, Chalcedony, Jasper
  • Mineral Matrix: m11 Mineral, Topaz
  • Mineral Matrix: m12 Mineral, Tourmaline
  • Quartz Quest: q1 Rock, Igneous, Granite
  • Quartz Quest: q2 Sediment, Quartz Fragments
  • Quartz Quest: q3 Sediment, Sand Grains
  • Quartz Quest: q4 Rock, Sedimentary, Sandstone
  • Quartz Quest: q5 Rock, Metamorphic, Quartzite
  • Rocks in Rows: rm1 Sediment, Exoskeleton & Shell + box
  • Rocks in Rows: rm2 Rock, Sedimentary, Limestone, Fossiliferous
  • Rocks in Rows: rs1 Sediment, Silt + box
  • Rocks in Rows: rs2 Rock, Sedimentary, Shale, Fossiliferous
  • Rocks in Rows: rs3 Rock, Metamorphic, Slate
  • Sedimentary Set: s1 Rock, Phyllite with Quartz Veins
  • Sedimentary Set: s2 Sediment, Pebbles & Grains
  • Sedimentary Set: s3 Mineral, Iron Oxide, Powdered
  • Sedimentary Set: s5 Rock, Sedimentary, Conglomerate


  • Sedimentary Set: s4 Water
  • Sedimentary Set: s6 Pressure


  • Hand Lens: Concretion Conundrum, Orange
  • Hand Lens: Fossil Features, Green
  • Hand Lens: Igneous Key, Purple
  • Hand Lens: Metamorphic Maze, Red
  • Hand Lens: Mineral Matrix, Blue
  • Sedimentary Set: Timer, Pink + box
  • Sedimentary Set: Token, Crush + cover
  • Sedimentary Set: Token, Cut
  • Sedimentary Set: Token, Pour
  • Sedimentary Set: Token, Roll
  • Sedimentary Set: Token, Spread
  • Sedimentary Set: Token, Whisk
  • Tray: Concretion Conundrum, Orange
  • Tray: Fossil Features, Green
  • Tray: Igneous Key, Purple
  • Tray: Metamorphic Maze, Red
  • Tray: Mineral Matrix, Blue
  • Tray: Quartz Quest, Gold
  • Tray: Rocks in Rows, Grey
  • Tray: Sedimentary Set, Pink
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